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What you see here will never cause issues. We may not own some contents like images or even logo, but it can be changed if the need is important. You should be aware that we can manipulate or refuse to do that, since we have our own right.
We don’t force people to use our site. They decide on their own to come here, click and utilize what they see.
Below, we included some important stuff that helps to understand us.

Third Party Sites:
We don’t have access to the content used on sites on our reference page. Even, links found on our online panel have their own well defined polity. You can’t tell us to change us under any circumstances.
If you don’t like them, kindly hit the back button to leave our website.

Information to Children under 18:
Players that come here are usually under the age of 18. There is no kind of restriction for them. What they see here is okay for everyone.

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We try to make this look more like a disclaimer page. Although, the title means something else, it still solves the main thing.
If any change is made, you will actually see it right here.

04th October, 2018.